Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coincidences and Similarities: Tory Burch X Zara


Was browsing the beautiful Tory Burch's gorgeous New York Fashion Week show and something captured my eye:

Doesn't it look kinda similar to the Zara jacket I've bought some time ago????

I thought so... Made me even happier to get something fashion forward for a fraction of the price!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Fab Collab: Peter Pilotto for Target!


Of course I HAD to participate! You KNOW how I love fashion, and looks for less.
Especially the ones from Target!

Take a look at my Target Madness saga here. From Missoni to Pilotto!!!

To tell you the truth, the brand Peter Pilotto is sorta new to me.

The duo creates really crazy colored outfits for a pretty penny. Like, not affordable...

When I heard that Phillip Lim was being followed by them, I had to investigate.

Did like what I saw. But with some editing. I could not go out in the street dressed head to toe like that.

So. February 9 finally arrived and I was happy to know that the pieces I really wanted were super available!!!
They were not sold out like crazy like Phillip Lim... Well, some signature pieces actually were, but not the ones I wanted!!!

Look what I got! (just a note: I was not SUPER in love with this collab, but did like some pieces and for that price!!! Who can resist???)

Diane Kruger wore this shirt (thank God they are separates!) and Lulu really liked it:

All of this fun for $35? Count me in!

Then I though that this shirt was very original too:

And also, for the price of one drink! LOL

Ordered them yesterday (Sunday). Eagerly waiting for them!!!

More pics to come!


PS:!!!!! Read my dears Tom and Lorenzo and COMPLETELY agreed with them in regards to Diane Kruger!!!

"We rolled our eyes and said “Yeah, that PP for Target collection is pretty much what we thought it’d be.” But then we saw the separate pieces and realized they both look pretty great on their own. It may be the Pilotto way to mashup all kinds of prints and patterns and then completely saturate an outfit with them, but the average consumer of fashion probably wouldn’t want to wear these two pieces together. That blouse is actually really cute. The skirt, no matter what you pair it with, is a just a little too tricky to pull off.  Even Diane can’t quite manage it."

Can you imagine me, a regular mortal, wearing that skirt???

Love my shirt: don't like the whole look!!!

Read it here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Bargains!


You know me (or not!), but I really love a good bargain. Just cannot believe the discounts here sometimes!

Let's start with what I've been buying in 2014. It is a young year, but the sales are very irresistible !

Starting with Zara.

Went there casually one of these days and entered in the madness of this crazy sale.


Look at this beauty!

A gorgeous jeweled wool jacket with faux leather sleeves.

The original price of $119 was already a bargain, but I've managed to get it for $59!

Look at this!!!

I've also snagged a very cool black t-shirt with a real leather panel. Could not find this online, but a beauty too!

Then off to Express. They do have some insane sales:

Look at this sequin antique crest top

This was almost 40 bucks, but had a huge discount to 19.99. But Lulu got it for $10!!!! Wowza

This one is soooooo cute! I would not have bought it for the original $49, but for $10 I'll take it!!!!

Happy shopping, happy life!!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M SERENDIPITY!!!!


I am fan of designer collabs. Big time. You can read about my adventures with Missoni and Phillip Lim for Target in this blog.

The most recent collab that was getting some major buzz was the Isabel Marant for H&M = the ultimate brand for French cool, with high French prices...

I did hear about it, took a look, liked some things, but was not willing to wait in line in the crack of dawn and fight with a bunch of crazies.

Maybe I would try to snag something online, since H&M has just opened their e-commerce site.

Never mind: later, I did discover that the website shopping experience sucked big time.

Thing is: November 15th came and went and I totally forgot about this!

When I did realize what happened, it was too late. Everything sold out on their website and guess where they were? Yeah. Ebay. I was not going to pay a lot for some things that were already kinda expensive (for H&M anyway) to begin with.

The biggest attraction was the gorgeous jacket:

But this puppy was already $399 to start with. On Ebay? More than $500! No way Jose.

I did like the fringe scarf... The other things were kinda blah.

Since I was not mad about anything, I did say meh to myself, shrugged and carried on...

Then, on November 21st, I decided to take a look at the H&M close to my office. The one in front of Macy's in NYC.
Just a look... I did not even dream that I would find anything Isabel Marant there...

And VOILA!!!!

Lookie what I got:

YES!!!! Could not believe it!

The fringe scarf is very Isabel Marant and the metallic mesh scarf/necklace is super cool for the holidays!!!

Look at my items in many articles and websites:

The fringe scarf is super hippie cool. Loved the fringes.

And a VERY similar one from her main line is going for $370 on Ebay!!

The metallic scarf is also awesome. And I can totally dress it down. I think that Isabel Marant is the queen of dressing down, but being very chic.

Also did discover that this scarf is a copy of another one from her regular (and expensive) line:

Aaaaaand - look at the price of the metallic scarf in her main line:

Almost $800 for that???? Got it for almost 5% of the price! LOL

You know what? Sometimes you luck out!

I am happy with my shopping (again)!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tory Burch Top Notch Customer Service !


I really love everything about Tory Burch! Her aesthetics are amazing. Really on my taste level, but sometimes not on my purse level ;-) .

I do love her shoes, I am currently wearing my black Revas to death... I was so disappointed that my new blue crocodile almost destroyed my feet and were unwalkable!

Please read all about it and see some bloody (haha) pictures HERE.

I was extra bummed because the shoes were worn, and I could not obviously return them to Saks...

Then I've had just a major light bulb in my mind. Major.

Why not contact Tory's customer service and explain everything???

This is what Lulu did.

Wrote a very complete email , described all my pain and problems and... waited.

SURPRISE!  Did not have to wait long and someone very courteous answered!

Tale's summary: they've emailed me an UPS label, I did pack my Revas well and sent them to Tory's customer service!

After some communication.... VOILA!!!!

They've emailed a egift card for $250!!!!

Isn't that awesome????

Then I went to their store in the Meatpacking District. Was treated to some bubbly and looki what I've got!!!! Caroline ballet flats!!!

They have elastic all over making it very comfy and are suuuuper cute!

They only drawback is that they are super delicate and the sole is very thin. These buddies will not last long with my daily NYC marathons... But oh well. That's why cobblers exist!!!

I am super happy with my new shoes and especially impressed with Tory Burch's customer service!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snagged the Trend: Tartan - Update!


Well, you probably saw my last post about the tartan craze.
Unfortunately, the Zara blazer I bought had to be returned... It is from Trafaluc, a second line from Zara, which according to the salesguy , is their juniors line. And it runs very small.
Huh? It doesn't really look juniors...

And guess what? I went to Zara at Herald Square, and all of the larger sizes were sold... So, why make them so small...

Anywho. Went to return my red tartan blazer that I've bought online and was happy to swap it for this:

A red tartan silky bomber!!!!

You know what, I was kinda bummed that I did have to return my blazer, but now I way happier!

I will get a lot of mileage with this! It is a little bit more discreet and goes with many other things.

It is a tiny bit snug, but in no way similar to the other blazer.


I did indulge in another amazing piece that incorporates two great trends: tartan AND Prince of Wales!!!

Yes. The scarf is twofer! One side tartan an the other Prince of Wales!!!! Just love how those patterns clash!!!

It is humongous (you can totes wear it as a cape/shawl) , very warm and stylish - for another BARGAIN at $35 bucks!!!

Even Garance Dore has one!!! Look:

It is everywhere!!!

Really happy with everything now!!!!